Veteran singer Vani Jayaram dies - Blogosm

Recipient of Padma Bhushan award recently, Vani Jayaram was 77 and crooned over 10,000 songs in 19 languages

Veteran singer Vani Jayaram dies - Blogosm

Vani Jayaram, a legendary singer who sang over 10,000 songs in 19 languages, including the wildly popular Hindi song "Bole re papihara," passed away here on Saturday.

She was 77 years old and had been discovered dead in her apartment in the city.

According to the singer's housekeeper, Vani Jayaram had no children and her husband had passed away.

The singer's maid claimed that on Saturday, she showed up for work as usual. She told the reporters here that she repeatedly pressed the calling bell but received no response.

She claimed that she immediately notified the singer's family, who then called the police.

Vani Jayaram claimed that when police forced open the door, they discovered her dead in front of her family.

During her ten years as a maid in the singer's home, Malarkodi reported that police discovered a wound on Vani Jayaram's forehead. She might have hurt herself after falling, according to the police.

The employee denied having any health problems when asked if she had any.

"Receiving visitors and well-wishers who came to her to congratulate her on receiving the Padma Bhushan award, she was occupied. She answered every call that came in while the phone continued to ring and thanked everyone for their greetings. She was single, "said the woman.