Restore thinning, receding or bald hair with FUE hair transplant treatment

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Restore thinning, receding or bald hair with FUE hair transplant treatment

How likely men are to lose their hair and how quickly it recedes depends largely on our genes.  
Of course, not everyone wants a hair transplant. , you don't have to. But ultimately I can't argue with my genes. Men who are prone to frizzy or bald hair may find that special shampoos, scalp massages, or diets don't help. 
However, in recent years, hair transplant treatments have come a long way, and there are now effective, non-invasive options that can help you regain your entire head of hair. 100% success rate. FUE hair transplant in Islamabad is an excellent way to restore hair that has problem follicles.

In FUE hair transplantation treatment, healthy hair follicles are harvested from the scalp one by one and transplanted to the hair loss area on the top of the head. The hair follicles are transplanted into the same slits that previously contained the hair, so they are more likely to be permanently transplanted. Unlike previous transplant methods that remove entire hairs at once, the latest treatment, called third-generation FUE, positions hair follicles one at a time.

This ensures much more natural results, faster recovery time, and a less painful treatment process that leaves no visible scars on the back of the head. I have hair. A person with thinning hair has three, two, or even one hair. Therefore, by assessing the number and pattern of hair growth from each hair follicle on the scalp, we can tell if a patient is thinning and how future hair loss may progress. increase. It can also correct receding hairline, bald parting, scars on the back of the head due to previous bad hair transplant or strip surgery, and is suitable for women who are concerned about thinning hair. This method of transplantation is very complicated and requires special care and attention. This means the treatment is performed over multiple sessions rather than one long and difficult procedure. The graft usually lasts a few days and the redness from the treatment subsides within her a week.

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