How Swimming Pool Contractors Can Help You Build Your Dream Pool

Arabian Pools ends your quest for the best swimming pool contractors in Abu Dhabi. Our team of expert pool designers and engineers creates highly functional and elegant pools with dynamic poolsides for commercial and residential needs. Our team of expert pool designers and engineers creates highly functional and elegant pools with dynamic poolsides for commercial and residential needs.

How Swimming Pool Contractors Can Help You Build Your Dream Pool

Inspiring Pool Design Ideas For Ultra-Modern Pool Construction

Are you planning to build your dream pool? Getting professional help is the best way to design it. Swimming pool contractors today can help you visualize your pool that is yet to realize. They will tell you what are the best designs that are viable and suitable for you. Contractors today also provide turnkey solutions to build a complete landscape covering pools, backyards, and gardens.  Whether you are building a new pool or going for a pool revamp, these ideas are going to be valuable for you. 

Building a swimming pool is a complex process. One needs to consider it from varied perspectives. Several factors like cost, designs, features, and safety need to be addressed. Hiring an experienced pool construction company is important. Invest good enough time for an initial consultation. Proper planning and consultation play a major role in building a great pool.

6 Pool Building Essentials To Discuss With Swimming Pool Contractors

When you hire a good pool building company, they will begin with an initial consultation. Apart from supervising the area, they will also listen to your needs. 

  1. Pool Shapes 

Any good professional architect will consider the pool design in relation to the architecture of the property. Also, how many members are going to use the pool is also an important factor when deciding the shape. Here are the most popular shapes of the pools in UAE.

  • Rectangular Pools
  • 8 Shaped Pools
  • Kidneys Shaped Pools
  • Circular Pools
  • Oval Pools 
  • L Shaped Pools
  • Lazy L Pools
  • Freeform Pools

Rectangular pools are found everywhere. But this might bore you if you are looking for something different. Circular pools are good for small spaces. Choose the shape that fits your choice, budget, and needs. Rectangle-style pools are suitable for areas with angular shapes.

  1. Discuss Pool Type

Your pool designer will explain to you the details of different pool types. Here are the major pool designs to consider as you begin swimming pool construction.

  • Indoor Pool 
  • Architectural Pool
  • Plunge Pool
  • Lap Pool
  • Kiddie Pool 
  • Infinity Edge Pools

If you have abundant space and budget, you can build a recreational pool. This family-sized pool is packed with lots of water features, slides, rock features, and tunnels.  While lap pools are great for fitness purposes, plunge pools are small in size. 

An architectural swimming pool is highly sophisticated and geometric in shape. It is mostly built to harmonize with the design and size of the house. 

  1. Functional Features

Many features can be added to your pool to increase its functionality. Here are some of the most popular ones. 

  • Inbuilt Spa 
  • Tanning Ledge
  • Seating area around the pool
  • Auto Cover
  • Swim Jets and Spa Jets
  • Pool lighting
  • Pool gardens 

You also need to plan a deck that immediately surrounds your pool. There are tons of decking options. Wood decking is a popular way to make your pool look vibrant. You can also opt for grass, bluestone, and concrete pool surroundings. 

  1. Aesthetic Features

Apart from being a place to splash and swim, your pool is also an element of beauty. Once you decide the type and shape of your pool, discuss the features. There are hundreds of water features and rock features to beautify your swimming pools. Here are some of the best features your pool contractor might suggest.

  • Small rocks and boulders
  • Waterfalls and water walls
  • Fountains and urns
  • Pool grottos 
  • Decorative artificial plants
  • Floating decorations
  • Decorative and creative illumination
  • Sculptures

There are many features to make your pool look striking without pouring out a huge budget. Swimming pool installation is also about beautifying your pool and its surroundings.

Many features like colorful illumination, creative lighting, and gardens serve functional as well as aesthetic purposes. Every element should be well organized with its defined boundaries and space. This ensures a sleek and seamless look in your backyard or outdoors. 

  1. Safety Features

Safety is the basic factor to consider when you are building and using your pool. If you have kids at home, you need to install extra safety features. However, it is essential to supervise when your kids are using the pool. Make sure your pool is a place where you and your family can spend time without any stress. 

Here are important features that enhance the safety of your pool – 

  • Pool fences
  • Pool gates
  • Pool safety nets
  • Safety pool covers
  • Alarms and Sensors
  • Gratings

Investing in pool safety features is the best way to prevent accidental falls and drownings. A good contractor will know all the pool safety regulations and laws. It is important to comply with the safety norms prescribed by the state.

  1. Pool Landscaping

Landscaping around your pool is one of the crucial factors today. A pool with a great surrounding increases the worth of your properties. Adding the right amount of softscapes and hardscapes in your backyard can make lots of difference. You can spend quality time with your family and friends in your pool garden or patio. Or you may also host a poolside party to celebrate your birthdays or anniversaries. Great landscaping allows you to escape the boredom of staying indoors without leaving your home. Softscapes allow you to stay close to nature and contribute a lot to the preservation of the environment. Also, your home will be a much cooler place during the harsh summers. 

Adding too many features that you are not going to use may simply bump up your budget. Hence, plan out what exactly you are expecting from your pool. Much depends on how you are going to use your pool. With the knowledge of different types of pools, features, and landscaping, it is easier for you to plan. 

As you start looking for pool builders in Abu Dhabi, you will find many options. Make sure you hire a reputed and experienced company. And it is easier for you to build an elegant pool with an ethereal landscape. Try to customize your pool with features that are suitable for your needs. Your preferences, requirements, and budget should be planned out well before you start building your pool. This will make pool construction a smooth and satisfying process rendering a great outcome.