Domestic Shorthair Cat Breed: Personality & Info | Blogosm

Learn about the Domestic Shorthair cat breed, including their social & easygoing personalty, history, and if they are a good match for your lifestyle.

Domestic Shorthair Cat Breed: Personality & Info | Blogosm

The Domestic Shorthair Cat's personality can be best described as amicable, playful, and agreeable. Furry companions are a welcome addition to both hectic and quiet households.

Domestic Shorthair Cat at a Glance

Weight range:

Male: >15 lbs.
Female: >12 lbs.

Eye color:

Green, blue, gold, hazel


Longevity Range: 15-20 years
Social/Attention Needs: Moderate
Tendency to Shed: Low


Length: Short
Characteristics: Sleek, soft
Colors: Various
Less Allergenic: No
Overall Grooming Needs: Low

Club recognition:

Cat Association Recognition:

Prevalence: Common

The Domestic Shorthair comes in a wide range of hues, shapes, and sizes, but they are typically muscular and medium-sized. They have rounded heads, short, sleek coats, and paws. Domestic Shorthairs typically aren't at risk for any unusual health issues due to their mixed parentage.

Domestic shorthair cats have a wide variety of markings, colours, and personalities as a result of being a mix of different breeds, according to Animal Planet, which affectionately refers to them as "the mutts of the cat world." They are a rainbow of cat hugs with countless colour and pattern combinations.

The Domestic Shorthair Cat is a medium-sized animal in terms of both height and weight, and like its purebred, pedigreed relative, the American Shorthair, she has a muscular build with round eyes and a face. A Domestic may have smaller or larger stature due to her mixed ancestry depending on her genetic makeup.

Domestic cats should have a balanced, solid body structure with a proportionate head, nose, and ears, according to the World Cat Federation (WCF). But as a visit to your neighbourhood shelter will show, domestic cats come in a variety of sizes and shapes.


The Domestic Shorthair Cat's personality covers a lot of ground, just like her various colour and pattern variations. Trupanion notes that domestics are frequently social and can be playful, affectionate, quiet, vocal, docile, or calm. She is not naturally aggressive, which makes her a wonderful companion for kids and seniors. With a proper introduction period, she also makes a wonderful playmate for other cats, dogs, and animals.

Because of her endurance abilities, such as balancing and leaping, as well as her excellent hunting instinct, the Domestic Shorthair is regarded as a working cat. Her jovial personality frequently reflects these traits.

She'll need a way to release all this energy, so give her a secure perch from which she can explore the great outdoors and hone her agility and balance. She'll want to keep an eye on her pet parents in the living room and the birds in the garden at the same time. The Domestic has a keen sense of her surroundings and can tell when it's appropriate to curl up for a nap in the nearest available lap.

Living With:

The Domestic, as mentioned, has a laid-back personality, but she does require a cat instinct outlet, such as hunting. As a result, it's crucial to keep her entertained with imaginative cat toys like feather toys, jingly balls to roll around the house, and even an empty cardboard box to play hide-and-seek in. Scratching is a cat's natural instinct, so a fun scratching post gives her a place to trim her claws and is a great substitute for your couch's fabric.

According to National Geographic, these hunting techniques are especially effective at night because their light-reflecting eyes enable them to see more clearly than most of their prey. Cats have excellent hearing as well. Your household cat may be very active at night due to this ingrained pattern of behaviour, but try to remember that it's just in her nature to wake you up at 4 a.m. to request a snack.

The Domestic Shorthair requires little maintenance and is not prone to illness. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, however, emphasises that these animals may be prone to overeating, which can result in obesity and the slew of health issues associated with carrying extra weight. Select a nutritious cat food that will give her the nutrition she requires to live a happy, active life.

It's crucial to keep your furry friend's grooming routine on track. Along with routine brushing with a rubber or stainless steel comb or brush, regular claw trimming and teeth brushing will keep your cat in top condition. Establishing a maintenance schedule with your cat from an early age will help make it a stress-free process for both of you, in addition to yearly check-ups with your veterinarian. The Domestic Shorthair cat can live up to twenty years with proper care.


Due to their dedication to rat catching, domestic shorthair cats were regarded as working cats in the early days of pioneer settlements in North America. It is simple to understand why the Domestic became a favourite of early settlers given its robust health. The cats put in a lot of effort to keep barns and food storage facilities free of rats and other pests in exchange for food and lodging (and, thereby, keeping their human families free from disease). The Domestic was transported to North America in this manner by the voyage ships. These cats made friendly and affordable labour. They only ask for a satisfying meal, a cosy bed, and some human affection.

The Domestic Shorthair cat is accepted by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) in the Household Pets category, where she can contend for the Grand Household Pet of the Year award despite not having a pedigree. According to the CFA, household pets are evaluated as a single group regardless of sex, coat length, age, or colour. Instead, they are praised for their individuality, attractiveness, unusual markings, and sweet personalities. Because of this, even though she is not purebred, your pet can still get some attention.

No matter her pedigree, the Domestic Shorthair is an excellent pet if you're looking for a loving, outgoing cat to share your life with.