Top 10 must-try traditional foods in Thrissur

Therefore the taste of the food you get from restaurants in Thrissur can be rarely compared to any other places you go. Here are some of the most rated food to explore in Thrissur

Top 10 must-try traditional foods in Thrissur

Top 10 must-try traditional foods in Thrissur

Thrissur's indigenous cuisine has an authentic traditional flavour as it is the cultural capital of Kerala rich in its unique historical heritage. 

The cuisines you find in Thrissur have numerous lip-smacking flavours that range from very mild to sweet and very spicy along with any other kind of tastes in between. Therefore the taste of the food you get from restaurants in thrissur can be rarely compared to any other places you go.

Here are some of the most rated food to explore in Thrissur

  • Puttu and Kadala Curry

Puttu is a cylindrical shaped rice cake steamed in a bamboo or metal mould grated with coconut. It is one of the most eaten staple breakfasts of Kerala. And kadala curry is usually served with puttu, made from black chickpeas, spices and coconut milk. Puttu is also eaten with ripened bananas. 

  • Vellayappam 

Vellayappam is a pancake of Kerala fermented with rice, coconut milk, and yeast. It is one of the favourites in every household in Kerala. The crucial ingredient of coconut milk leaves a lip-smacking taste. Vellayappam is thick in the middle and crispy at the end.

  • Tapioca and fish curry

Cassava is called tapioca in Indian English on the other hand referred to as kappa or maracheeni in Kerala. Kappa is boiled to a fine smooth texture and eaten with red fish curry. It was a substitute for rice when famine hit the country. 

  • Karimeen Pollichathu

The fish fried in Thrissur is a traditional delicacy. It gives a unique flavour when the karimeen is marinated in Kerala spices and wrapped with plantain leaves. The rich aroma reflects as we eat and is one of a kind. It leaves you with no option but to order at least one, otherwise, it would be a great loss. 

  • Porota with beef curry

Porotta is made out of all-purpose flour and then kneeled to dough with a lot of oil. It is then rolled and beaten to roast in a frying pan and then eaten with beef curry. The best way to have beef curry is with Malabar porotta. One of the best combinations of Kerala cuisine. And it would be a crime if you don't try this combo in Thrissur.  

  • Kerala style fish mole

An authentic Kerala style fried fish stew prepared in an earthen vessel with coconut milk and spices like pepper, cinnamon, cloves and turmeric along with green chillies and curry leaf. For 30 minutes the fish is marinated in red chilli powder and lemon juice before being used in the curry. 

  • Ghee roast  with Kerala style sambar and chutney

Ghee soaked dosas are delicious when dipped in Kerala style sambar. The explosive flavour of this combination is a famous dish in Kerala. This food can be found in every restaurant as it is the staple breakfast for the natives. Dosa with sambar and chutney could be found anywhere in south India. 

  • Nadan kozhi varathathu

Who doesn't love to eat fried chicken? Nadan kozhi varathathu is a simple method of cooking yet delicious with flavours of spice. It is served in the best way on a leaf. Nadan kozhi varathathu is marinated with garlic, onion, coriander, chilli and vinegar. It can also be eaten with some appam or ghee rice. This tasty fry on your taste bud will leave you craving for more. 

  • Kerala prawn curry

If you are in Thrissur and miss out on the signature dish of the state, then your visit will remain incomplete. The prawn curry in the region is blended and sprinkled with red chilli powder, pepper, salt, coconut milk and green chilli with a touch of curry leaves. The flavour of coconut milk gives another whole level of taste. 

  • Sadhya 

The authentic traditional meal is served with rice and 12-20 dishes on a plantain leaf. Onam is incomplete without this meal. The 20 dishes that are served with this traditional meal are called kootan and the rice is choru. The preparation of the kootan differs in flavour. If you haven't tried this authentic meal, have a try when you visit the state. As sadhya is simple to prepare. It is the most served meal for weddings as it is so simple to prepare. 

We have provided enough information about the foods to be explored in Thrissur.  You can get these foods from the best restaurants in Thrissur.